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Terms and Conditions
- You can purchase between 1 to 50 stars per owner/person/business.
- You will receive a unique star name per star, which belongs to their own star-system and galactic region and is randomly distributed in your star-system.
- Your star profile applies to all stars, i.e. all your stars will contain the same content.
- You must own the rights to your own image/content or have permission to upload them.
- You must own the rights to your own website or have permission to submit it and must have fully qualified domain names starting with “http://”
- We reserve the right to remove images/text and links that are inappropriate under our judgment. Eg explicit content, offensive material, copyright images/content, etc. However, we will warn you to change this. If you cannot, you will be given a refund and will lose the star/s. The star/s will go on sale again.
- If the content and image is satisfactory, you will own the star for LIFE, it’s yours forever.
- Once the star profiles are uploaded and submitted and you want to remove the content, we will do so but refunds won’t be authorized.
- You will receive an individual star certificate per owner/person/business via email later on(in progress).
- If your email is incorrectly entered or our email is blocked during correspondence, we cannot be held accountable.
- We aim for images and profiles to be instantaneous. However, images have to be loaded into a content delivery network (CDN – allows faster viewing when busy), which may take from 1 min to an hour for the best case or 24-72 hours at the worst case scenario.
- Your image will be compressed to 300x200 px for star profiles and 150x100 px for previews.
- You can only upload .jpg .gif .png image file types.
- Your image cannot be more than 5MB. Your original upload will not be saved after you have completed your star profile.
- We will aim to run the site from four year to forever.
- If a mistake it made after uploading content OR in the case of a GIFT, you will be given one free content change per purchase. This will apply to all stars per purchase or owner. A refund cannot be granted in this case.
- You will be given a “Transaction ID number” after your purchase. You need to use this for all correspondence.
- You are theoretically buying advertising space linked to a virtual star and not a real star. Therefore, you will not own any part of
- We reserve to right to make changes but keep to the original galaxy seen during the launch date (we will only make the galaxy look more beautiful or compatible with more devices and technologies).
- Downtimes will be expected for updates but we will keep this to the bare minimum.
- We will not be responsible if the hosting server goes down due to malfunction, attack, etc.
- We may give you the ability in the future to change content and images, with a user login. However, content and images will need to be approved by us.